Dog cat pet Elizabethan recovery collar

Cat e-Collar/ Pet recovery cone

Cat E-collar size chart
XXS 7.5 cm / 3in 22-28 cm  / 9-11 in kittens or small cats< 8 lb or small head breeds
XS 10 cm / 3.9 in 22-28 cm  / 9-11 in  normal size adult cats with normal head size
S 12.5 cm / 4.9 in 25-33 cm  / 10-13 in large size breeds or adult cats with big heads 

What is a Pet Elizabethan collar?

It is a plastic cone that helps protect wounds from further injury caused by scratching or licking. The properly fitted e-collar can prevent a cat from licking or chewing its injuries on the body or on the face or head.

Why is green cone?

We use recyclable plastic materials to make the e-collars. Used e-collars can be recycled and made to something else.

How does my cat feel when wearing a Pet Elizabethan collar?

The e-collars may be cumbersome at first, but most cats would learn very fast to adapt the collars. The collar may interfere with their periphery vision, especially, a color or opaque collar is used.  Some cats may become anxious and sensitive.  A clear collar is generally better, since it provides more visibility. To people, collars with decorations or colors may seem to be cutter in the cats, however, the cats really do not like them at all. Think about who will like to blind-sighted; and the answer is NO one. 

How to fit a Pet Elizabethan collar?

Be sure that you can fit two fingers comfortably between the collar and the neck. Ensure that the e-collar is not restricting breathing, eating or swallowing.

Special care for my cat when wearing a Pet Elizabethan collar?

They will need to eat and drink with a properly fitted collar. Therefore, a plate is better than a bowl, or a cup for them. Cats cannot bloom themselves when wearing a collar, so you should brush your cats daily. Check the fitting, avoid irritation to the neck and face.

Be aware that cats with e-collars may inadvertently knock over things or accidently get stuck in confined spaces. Make sure to remove valuable or dangerous objects from your pet.

If cats get nervous wearing the e-collars, try to keep regular routine and avoid distraction.