Dog cat pet Elizabethan recovery collar

How to use a dog e-collar/ Elizabethan collar?

Assembling an e-collar may appear complicated based on just looking at them, but actually it is easy after you understand what to do. In comparison to other fabric comfy cones, the clear plastic cones allow better peripheral vision for your pets, and the attached e-collars move with our pets, making them less cumbersome. Dogs and cats see better and adapt faster after wearing clear plastic e-collars. My dogs and one of the cats got very nervous and hypersensitive when they wore the soft e-collars which blocked their side vision. After we changed the collars, they became calmer and adjusted to life with an e-collar relatively fast.

How to use an e-collar (E-collarsdirect)? 

First, take out the regular pet collar. Attach the e-collar to the regular pet collar by wrapping the two e-collar attachment strips around the regular collar. The e-collarsdirect print (embossed lines side) should be facing outside. Alternatively, attach the ecollar to the existing neck collar directly. Be careful not to scratch your pet. 

Second, gently put the collar back up to your pet's neck. Now the e-collar is flat, the open side is facing the back of your pet.

Third, fold the flat plastic sheet around the neck. Make sure the side with embossed lines are located outside (the label E-collarsDirect log is facing out). There are two or three neck sizes in our dog e-collar. Be sure that you can fit two fingers comfortably between the collar and the neck. Align the precut slits on the two sides to make a cone shape; the end with the long attachment is located outside. Put the long attachment into the precut slots in an in-out-in fashion to connect two ends together. Ensure that the collar is not restricting breathing or swallowing.

Fourth, make sure it is properly fitted and not too tight or loose. Observe your pet to make sure that the collar does not affect their eating and normal behavior.